Garden Journal ’22 Volume 3

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Hello and welcome to my garden! Here in Maine the garden started our what felt early and then temps cooled down so everything in my space has been very slow. We just had a couple of days of 90s and though I would prefer the sunny, breezy days of 70, I know the heat is what my veggies need!

Raspberries and Rhubarb

I initially thought this row was not going to make it but I think they are bouncing back! There are several bright green leaves among some withered so I am going to just keep babying them and hopefully harvest fruit next year. The rhubarb is even heartier than I thought.  They already have significant growth in the short time since I planted them.


My basil and parsley are just not going anywhere and if I don’t weed the space they will soon be overtaken. I am debating on a container of the two on my deck where it gets much warmer and it’ll be right next to the kitchen.

Lettuce and kale

These two are doing great! I have harvested a lot for salads. If you saw my Instagram you’d know I learned a solid lesson in washing lettuce when a snail walked across Misters salad plate a few weeks ago. I wont make that error again!


These three plants are anxiously awaiting the hotter temps but are holding strong. 


We have harvested a bit of broccoli for a couple of meals and it was delicious.  One plant has already bolted.  I am debating on trying a different variety for a fall crop.


I have two sets of tomatoes, one set in tomato cages and in the black plastic ground cover and the other set trellised with the Florida weave method and no ground cover. The set in the cages is growing considerably better. There are different varieties as well so when we start harvesting, we’ll really know which was the better set up. They are putting on grown and have some buds.


This is another crop that is ready for some heat. I am having an issue with cucumber beetles but some of the plants are hanging on so they are big enough to not be super affected by the pest. I tried diatomaceous earth and an organic spray. The most effective method was these yellow corn on the cob trays from the dollar store with a little quirt of dish soap and water. It collected lots of the bugs


The garlic is looking great! I’ve been trying to weed in the rows to hopefully ensure no competition for the bulbs. I harvested their garlic scapes this week and made a yummy pesto.  I’m thinking I’ll be harvesting in a couple of weeks.


The pumpkins in the garden and our 23 volunteer pumpkins are doing great. I have tucked the same beetle traps among them and they are seeming to respond to less pest issue.

Pole beans

Carrots and beets

Ugh, this bed is the slowest of all my crops. I even think my beet seedlings in the raised bed got eaten or just died. The carrots are coming in  but it’s extremely delayed. I will thin them and hopefully give them room to take right off.

The trellis is waiting for these to take off. They suffered a bit of pest damage but are thankfully starting to put on growth.


These guys are doing great, giving them water and sun and they are happy!

Bush beans

This little row has given me much challenge.  I have sprayed, applied diatomaceous earth as well as replanted 3 times. Something is nipping the tips off even though I covered it in netting. I am now resorting to starting some seeds inside so they can get a head start and mature enough for me to put in the ground and not be someone’s snack.

These rows of Flambo beans took a couple of plantings , the birds were enjoying them, but they are coming up strong and healthy.

Brussels sprouts

I wasn’t going to grow Brussels sprouts but a family member blessed me with a bunch of healthy seedlings and I had some space so I put them in. They seem to like where they are and hopefully, we’ll have better spacing than last years crop that produced a few but not a ton for the amount of space they took up.


I didn’t plant a tons of cabbage but 2 of the 3 heads are coming up nicely. One is dealing with some pest damage so I’m hoping it’s the host plant while the other 2 thrive.


We are harvesting a few delicious berries at a time and these plants are putting out so many runners! Directing them where we want them to go for next years patch.

The garden is always a learning experience for sure.  Every year brings different weather, different pest issues and different harvests. Embrace it and learn for next year! Thanks for walking the garden with me!

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