Garden Journal 23′ Volume 4

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Welcome to the September garden! I wish it wasnt so long since my last entry but honestly there hasnt been all that much going except for the weeds and a few odds and ends harvested. Let’s walk the garden….

Yellow and green beans

The yellow beans have been producing well! The green beans were planted later because a critter kept snacking on the new bean sprouts but the plants are now producing nicely.


Fruit is finally starting to ripen. The way things are growing, I dont think I’ll be able to put up a ton of tomato sauce. I managed a few pints and quart jars of salsa so that’s a win. I think I said it last time but I really need to work on how I trellis my tomatoes next year.


We have been enjoying fresh kale and using it to make kale chips here and there. The other reason I grow kale is for the cows, they love it!


I am quite thrilled with our onion harvest! I grew all of these from seed. A few are a slightly squishy but overall I’m pretty happy with how many made it. My father in law built me this rack to cure onions and garlic on and I love it! They will cure in the upstairs of our barn out of the sun and with plenty of air flow. After the tops are all browned and dried, I’ll be able to store it in our storage room.


Carrots are being harvested a bit at a time. It’s still too warm in my storage room to put them up for long storage. I am toying with the idea of canning some carrots. Do you enjoy canned carrots?


The cukes are finally taking off! We have enjoyed a ton of fresh cucumbers with meals and snacking and I have shared a lot as well. This Suyo Long was photo worthy!


It’s been quite an odd year for broccoli. The first planting resulted in a lot of rotting after the head of broccoli formed and headed up. My second planting is looking great. I’m hoping this week of warm weather is going to give them a good stretch of growth. Cool weather is coming even if the forecast doesn’t say it yet!


The weeds are hiding things but we have a few good sized pumpkins growing. It’s exciting to have homegrown pumpkins on the step in the fall!


Ugh, these beets! I am bummed they aren’t growing better than this but with the season we have had I’ll take what I can get.

Shishito Peppers

These two plants are doing great! I am not super familiar with cooking shishito peppers but I have used some in the salsa and plan to research a bit more.


Our sunflowers are putting on their show and it is glorious! I am in love with this burgundy beauty. I also love the lighter yellow ones. I believe they are called Lemonade Sunflower. The Coleus is not by a door we use regularly but it is a stunner. It loves being where it is which is part shade. I do very little for it and it surely blesses me!

A beautiful September sunset was enjoyed by us all, I hope this post finds you well. Thanks for stopping by!

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